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The size of Meridian 16 Business Park is one of the largest business zones in Croatia. With the size of 105 ha in total and cohesive shape Meridian 16 Business Park is able to adequately accept and suite the needs of big and small investors. Allocated areas for service facilities and big green oasis will make-work and stay in zone pleasant and stimulating. Smart and sustainable architectural solutions within such large zone will give the new landscape to the whole area that will become the leader with the highest standards in preserving the environment.



financial benefits

To all entrepreneurs and investors that are planning to develop their businesses in the Meridian 16 Business Park the town of Velika Gorica will provide various incentives. Additional subvention of municipal contribution is available for construction and adaptation of commercial facilities in the zone. Modern roads within the zone will provide fluent communication and affirmation with other infrastructure and roads. Our mission is establishing better conditions for economic growth that would give the Europe and the World better perception of Croatia.



The area of the city of Velika Gorica is considered as valuable and important geopolitical, geographic and transportation part of the Central Europe and Danube river basin. Meridian 16 Business Park lies southeast of the city of Velika Gorica, next to the highway and railway corridor Zagreb-Sisak and canal Sava-Odra. Because of its position, the city of Velika Gorica as well as the Zagreb County has given extraordinary strategic importance to this project. Meridian 16 Business Park is positioned in the middle of the European transport corridor connecting the east with the west, and Rijeka seaport is located only 170 km away – these facts prove its central logistical and geographical location.

  • Zagreb city center – 20 km
  • Zagreb International Airport – 5 km
  • Railway line Zagreb-Sisak passes next to the business zone
  • Within Zagreb toll free area
  • Two bus lines that connect the zone and Velika Gorica planned
  • Cycling lanes



Infrastructure development based on geographic location presents one of the crucial zone’s benefits – connectivity. Planed construction of the railway terminal directly connected to the main railway corridor and truck terminal will bring the zone close to any location in Europe and further.

Communal infrastructure which includes water and electricity supply, sewage, telecommunication infrastructure and waste disposal; will fulfill the high standards of sustainable and ecological development of the zone.





  • Dražen Barišić, Mayor of Velika Gorica
    We appreciate their approach and acknowledge it was a great example for us. They do have high expectations but so do we, our expectations on their investments are immense. They have been active in offering this business zone all over the world and it will most certainly attract capital from both Europe and the rest of the world to our city. All investors will get VIP treatment!    

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